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Cottage Policies

General info

Check-in time after 3.00 p.m

Check-out time is 11 a.m. sharp. 

Please try to be prompt when checking-out (as a courtesy to next guests).  Please try to leave the cottage as you found it.                           Thank you to those who leave them clean.                We do  appreciated it!


                              Covid Cleaning Policy: 

Beside a deep disinfect cleaning - we've implemented a 24hr booking gap in-between guests for the Cottages. If we're unable to adhere to our booking gap policy - then we do fog the cottage with a hospital grade disinfectant called  Vital Oxide.

Booking deposit required:

50% of your total rental is required as a booking deposit.


Usually our booking deposits are non-refundable; however; because of Covid you will get a full refund for Covid related issues. For example, if the government decides to shut down rentals up until the time of your rental then your deposit will be fully refunded!


If you decide because of n0n-Covid related reasons not to honour your reservations  and  we're unable to find a replacement booking for the dates that were reserved for you- then you will not receive a refund.


Payment method: cash, bank auto-deposit, etransfers

No Credit Card or PayPal payment methods available

                  NO SMOKING IN THE COTTAGES

                            as per Prince Edward County By-Law.


The cottages are located in a rural neighbourhood- please be considerate of the local residents - summer season can be overwhelming with the onslaught of visitors. We need to be respectful of the people living here all year round - the area and the environment - no loud music, pick-up after yourself and follow the rules posted by The County. We need to show the local residents that Visitors can be respectful of their little piece of paradise - it’s a fine line we’re balancing - we want them to continue to embrace our visitors.


Tap water for the cottages is sourced from the lake and passes through a UV filter system. We recommend bottled water for drinking. Tap water okay to bathe, brush teeth and cook.

                           Insects-are a part of cottage life. 
To keep them outside where they belong - keep the screen doors closed as much as possible. After dark keep the lights low and move quickly when entering and exiting your cottages

                   We provide propane gas for the BBQs

                                           Fire Wood

                               Buy Local Burn Local. 

You need to bring your own firewood.  Please try to buy within the County - this is in an effort to  control the introduction of invasive and harmful forest pest  like the emerald ash borer. 


For your convenience, our neighbour  Morrison Point Farm sells organic eggs, honey and firewood. ​


                                       Quiet Time 11.p.m.
Please enjoy your campfire and your cottage as long as you like but do so quietly; please keep a courteous ear for your neighbour - especially after 11:00pm
                                      Overall Safety
Parents, please remember your children are your responsibility. Please watch them closely in the pool area, along with the shoreline and around the playground area.

Garbage & Recycle

You are responsible to take your garbage & recycle to the new red metal shed . Please recycle in the appropriate bins.


Ask us about feeding the chicken and goats with your food waste - the kids(and adults) will love. It makes you happy to see the animals enjoying their meal.

Septic System

Please be gentle with the septic system, use only single ply, septic safe TP. Please do not flush any items other than human waste and TP down the toilet - we do take a lot for granted when we live in urban areas. The slightest mishap is quite disastrous when you live in a country setting.

                   If  you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.    


We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us. 

In case of emergency

       In case of an emergency - the address is:      

46 Wilolea Lane off of Morrison Point Road near Black River Cheese - SouthMarysburgh Ward, Milford, Prince Edward County.             If possible have someone meet the emergency vehicle on the road.

No WIFI, No A/C and No Cable TV for the cottages -

It is a challenge trying to set up these amenities for our guests. We can increase the rental cost, but being remote, it cost more than within the city access; or, for a couple days you can switch off, reset and enjoy all that your vacation spot can offer you - swimming in the lake, fishing, paddle boarding, frog hunting, campfires and most importantly-bonding with your friends and family - these are how childhood memories are built. 

  For the BIG HOUSE, these amenities are included!

Mandatory Life jacket policy

while using any of the watercrafts

Paddle boat, canoe, kayak, paddle boards and row boats are free for you to enjoy (First come first serve basis)

Time use: 9.00a.m to 6:00p.m. 

**Row boat: Maximum 4 adults only.**

With kids - a 1:1 adult to child ratio on all watercrafts e.g. if there are 2 children onboard, we recommend 2 adults to accompany.

Please let the staff know when using any of the watercrafts.


Please take care and be responsible - if it is windy or you see white caps - it is most likely not safe for you to go out.


Life jackets must be worn and can be found outside of storage room. Please pull watercraft well up on shore or tie securely to dock when done using. 



Swimming Pool closes at 8.00 p.m.


Swimming pool is open daily. THERE IS NO LIFE GUARD - Parents must be in attendance at all times. It is shallow with a depth of 3 feet; therefore no jumping or diving. Also, no glass is allowed in pool area. Please wash your feet before entering the pool.  

During COVid - swimming is restricted to Households/Family units/Cottage unit. Duration will be limited to 1 hour swim time. If no one is waiting then you can continue to swim until next set of guests shows up.

Swimming in the lake

The water in the lake is clear and beautiful. The shoreline is natural with bullrushes teeming with wildlife. We do have 2 60' docks that you can swim off of to the swim platform that we do have there for your enjoyment! Water shoes are also options should you wish to wade in through the shoreline

Fishing Station

It is right in front of yellow storage. Don't forget to clean up after yourselves!

Please dump all the fish remains back into the lake not near the dock 


Taxes 17%????

We apologize for the collective charge of 17% - this site is unable to give a proper breakdown.


Below is a detailed breakdown of the taxes charged:


Newly Imposed for 2021 Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) 4%

HST: 13%


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